America's Next Top Model recap
Oh, poor Whitney. She owes her dad nine grand because she ditched Dartmouth to be on America's Next Top Model. Of course, being from West Palm Beach, Whitney is too classy to hock the $40k diamond bracelet (quite possibly the ugliest $40k bracelet I've ever seen) she won for winning the Entrapment-esque posing challenge--although if Renee had won, you know she would've had the Hummer limo pull over at the first pawn shop she saw. I thought it was funny how the girls claimed to have learned so much from the voguer guy, because it didn't really appear to me that he was teaching them anything (except how to be flamboyant), and, really, I question his judgment in choosing Whitney to be the winner of the challenge, but whatever. My favorite part of the episode was watching Jael do her vogueing/posing--sometimes I think she's doing the whole competition as a joke, and sometimes I think she's just wacky (well, she's wacky regardless). My other favorite part was watching the train wreck that is Renee: one minute, crafting a do-rag for Brittany's weave; the next, crying to her husband on the phone about how the girls are fake bitches (uh, look who's talking?) and she wants to go home. I feel like if she were smarter, she could be as manipulative as Melrose--which would be entertaining in and of itself--but the other girls can see right through her suppressed bitchiness. Still, I think she's pretty and interesting, although I'm not rooting for her--that honor goes to Jaslene, who I think kicks ass in spite of her drag queenie-ness. Even though she's a drama queen, I loved Brittany's photo, and as much as I hate Twiggy's canned commentary ("You look like a true model!"), I agree that her picture looked straight out of a fashion magazine. Felicia was really starting to grow on me too, so I was bummed that she got kicked off. Maybe Tyra felt threatened--Felicia really did look like a younger (and thinner!) Ms. Banks. But, hey, I feel like girlfriend can make a living as a backup dancer for Ciara or something.

Next week, the girls learn how to dress like models, so maybe the judges will lay off poor Dionne.

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