America's Next Top Model recap
When this week's episode of ANTM started out very Natasha-heavy, I got a little nervous. Natasha is by no means my favorite, but she's definitely the most...unique contestant to ever appear on the series. I mean, really, she's the first Russian mail-order bride, for one, and while she did actually show a little emotion this week, Natasha seems to have this incredible, Tyra-proof demeanor, turning even harsh criticism into compliments. Yeah, she's ripe for mockery, but you have to admit she's pretty awesome--especially after she made her own grill and went totally K-Fed during the photo shoot. Speaking of the photo shoot, I nearly wet my pants during Jael's hippie segment; as lovably kooky as she is, I think Jael's days on the show are numbered--she doesn't appear to be making much progress, and we all know how Tyra feels about that. And good thing Sarah "won" the competition, because her photo shoot really sucked. As Twiggy would say, I don't think she looks like a model, and I really hate her dopey faces. Oh, and she's obnoxious. I think at this point, Renee, Brittany, and Jaslene are sticking around for awhile; Whitney still sucks, but Tyra's going to keep her on the show to make a Statement. As for Diana, I again kept expecting something profound to come out of her mouth and it just never happened. Case in point: Mr. Jay asked her why she wanted to be a model and she said "Just 'cuz." Ah der. So in spite of the fact that Diana-in-drag bore a striking resemblance to CC, my former boss, I think she was, believe it or not, too dumb to be a model. Or, rather, America's Next Top Model. So now the pressure's on Whitney, you know, to win it for all the big girls out there. Hey, at least Whitney went to Dartmouth.

Next week, I think it might be the public-relations episode; if not it's at least the party with 50 Cent episode.

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No comments on how Jaslene might be a man??