America's Next Top Model recap
Oh, the makeover episode of America's Next Top Model, always an entertaining one. And while it tends to bring out the worst in certain contestants, Tyra & co. kind of jumped the shark by warning the girls too much about overreacting...because in spite of Jael crying over the addition and subsequent removal of her extensions (a totally valid reason to cry, in my book) and Brittany complaining about hers (which Tyra, trying to reassert her ghetto-ness, called "tracks"), there was little drama about the makeovers. But Brittany is clearly a drama queen (headaches! vomiting! crying!), and her only rival for that title at this point is Renee, who is an instigator of the worst kind, but is actually really, really pretty, so for her sake, I hope she pulls her shit together. As for Jael, the poor girl, her kookiness is reminiscent of Jade from several "cycles" ago, but she clearly has a lot more going on upstairs. I think. You have to admit, it was pretty priceless when she dedicated her photo to her deceased friend. As for the photo shoot, the nude shoot is always good TV, so why Tyra decided to slap a ton of makeup on the models and make them look like ice cream is beyond me. I still think Jaslene takes the best pictures, and as for showing her "personality" in judging, if I had been humiliated last cycle in the manner that Jaslene had, I think I'd be shy and meek too. Although I do wish she'd unleash the spice at some point. I want to like Diana--she's beautiful and a plus-size gal, and I feel like she should be smart, but when she opens her mouth, she just as clueless as the rest of them, which makes me sad (Whitney, on the other hand, is not the best poser, but at least she has an IQ). And while I agree that Cassandra wasn't really doing much for me, her hair looked really cute post-makeover, and it was clear that the other girls actually liked her. But, hey, just because you're well-liked doesn't mean you're going to be America's Next Top Model!

Next week, the girls recreate the vault-robbing scene in Entrapment. Because, you know, to be a model, you have to be able to circumvent complicated laser security systems.

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