Buy it: Dahl by Alison Kelly
Alison Kelly was by far my favorite contestant on season 3 of Project Runway; I, like many others, felt she was kicked off too early--and rather abruptly--after designing an unflattering dress. So I am happy to report that Alison has bounced back with an adorable line called Dahl, being carried exclusively this spring at Cheryl Shops fave The capsule collection is mostly dresses with a Victorian-meets-mod look, and I want pretty much every one of them. (Which is probably not going to be a reality for me, but at least the prices are somewhat reasonable.)

The Meg is a streamlined jumper in luxe eggplant-colored silk (sadly, the tank underneath is not included).

The Mable, also in silk, is girly and feminine, but for those of us who work in creative fields, can be worn to work in a pinch.

The mod Brigitte Minidress is probably my favorite, because it looks so soft and easygoing. I think leggings are in order underneath, however!

I love the Marchesa dress too--this is one of those versatile styles that can be worn day or night--on the weekends, of course.

Now, if only Uli would come out with a new line...


Anonymous said...

love, love, love the Marchesa dress. Was Alison the blode? who made the wide waisted paper dress. That was a lame kick off.

Anonymous said...

UGLY. Who in New York -- or anywhere else for that matter -- will wear those super short dresses. Perhaps as a bathing suit cover-up, but not on the street! Yikes. These outfits support my earlier assessment of her lack of talent. She's only popular because she's cute.