Hey, have you heard Kate Moss designed a collection for Topshop? (Note: heavy sarcasm.) I was indeed one of the people on Topshop's website Monday night--the collection hit UK stores Tuesday at midnight--but gave up after I discovered nothing my size was in stock. There's still some stuff left on Topshop's website, like this strappy metallic dress or the studded corset belt, but the good stuff--the dresses, the vests, the sparkly jersey tops--went almost instantly. So I'm waiting until next Wednesday, when the collection pops up at Barneys stores across the country. I'm anticipating being very late to work on Wednesday; thankfully my boss is out of the country.

In other Masstige news, Target has announced that Alice Temperley is the next Go International designer, that is, after Patrick Robinson's collection debuts on May 6th and Libertine's line hits on Labor Day. Temperley's collection will have a holiday focus, so that means many cute print dresses for winter! Yay!

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Anonymous said...

OMG. That is: OH. MY. GOD. Alice Temperley is my favoritest. Hopefully at least one cute knit dress will make it's way into my closet. Hooray!