America's Next Top Model recap
It's old news by now, so I'll keep my America's Next Top Model finale recap short. As I predicted, Jaslene won. I am happy about this, because Jaslene was my favorite--well, as far as I could pick a favorite, this being a season of straight-up crazies. Backing up a bit, the girls had to do the obligatory Cover Girl photo shoot/TV spot, and Renee pretty much screwed herself by starting out complaining about how she's a teenage mom. The judges then jumped upon her for looking "too old" (I think her Mom-ish short haircut--which Tyra gave her--deserves at least 50% of the blame for those comments), although I think we all know the true reason she was cut--Renee may have had an interesting back story, but she's way too conniving to represent the wholesome Cover Girl brand. Natasha and Jaslene then had to walk the runway for Sass & Bide, which is by far the most credible label to make a finale appearance since DSquared2 in cycle 2. Jaslene looked a bit zoned out at first, but then she got her groove; Natasha, on the other hand, looked oddly stocky and neckless to me the entire time. There appeared to be much debating, but, come on, we all knew Jaslene was a shoo-in--it was her line of Spanish in her Cover Girl spot that cemented it. Sure, she looks a little drag queeny, but, hey, even queens need to wear makeup!

In related news, Fashionista reports that Samantha Francis--the 19-year-old contestant Tyra kicked off for being too young--has signed with Elite...where Jaslene has a contract. Awkward!

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