Patrick Robinson, the latest Go International designer at Target is neither international (he's American) nor a currently employed designer--he was just let go from Paco Rabanne--but his collection is very summery, and he reportedly drew inspiration from Greece, which I've heard is hot but lovely this time of year. Robinson had a tough act to follow after the delight that was Proenza Schouler, and while some items are a little pedestiran--cargo pants, empire-waist tops--there are definitely some things worth ordering. I suggest starting at the looks link, because you can see how the designer intended everything to be styled (you don't have to wear everything that way, obviously).

The item that seems to be getting the most attention is this shift dress, in the wallpaper print that turns up quite a bit in this collection. Word on the street is that it's a bit ill-fitting and that the fabric is stiff, but regardless, it's currently sold out online in everything but an XS.

I actually prefer the open-shoulder dress--the cutout detail is sexy, and the fit is a bit more feminine.

Another cute wallpaper-print option is this bubble skirt; be advised that this kind of tulip shape is not for the big-hipped.

Top-wise, I was a little underwhelmed. I think this vest has potential, but I'd wear it with a flowy tank, not a rigid woven shirt as shown.

Though buying a swimsuit on the Internet makes me nervous, I'm tempted to order this Summer Breeze bikini--after all, together, it's less than what I usually spend on one half of my Shoshanna bikinis. It looks flattering yet modest, and very modern.

My favorite item, however, is this linen jacket. I love the front hook-and-eye closures, and it looks incredibly well-made, especially for Target. And, yes, it kind of reminds me of the white silk Kate Moss jacket--the one that got away, that is. But I think with its more forgiving fit, I might like this one even more.


Anonymous said...

I ordered the Medallion print tote and the long sleeve Poet Shirt - I'll let you know what I think when they arrive. :)

Anonymous said...

FYI, Opening Ceremony in NYC has tons of the white Kate Moss jackets (as of yesterday afternoon). I think they're about $30 more than they were in Barneys but far less than the gougers on ebay want. I'm not sure the quality is that great, though. They also have the black cotton version of the jacket and the similar khaki and red one, as well as the tattoo dress and the coin waistcoat.