America's Next Top Model Recap
I was kind of dreading this week's episode of America's Next Top Model because it was the "culture" episode, which always comes across as cheesy and pandering. I will give them credit, however, for spinning the aboriginal dance as "telling a story," much like modeling. And I am slightly ashamed to admit that I teared up during Renee's challenge-winning presentation. (Hey, I'm having a stressful week!) In fact, I was just starting to feel sympathy for Renee when she, Jaslene, and Dionne went out for a night on the town and Renee started to stir shit up again, this time against Natasha (who, yes, totally grossed me out when she started making out with her cell phone--get a room!). Poor Natasha seemed a bit out of it this week, especially at the aboriginal-themed photo shoot, which, I'll admit, was also kind of cool (the photo shoot, not the fact that Natasha was sucking big time). But the judges finally realized that Dionne sucked more, so she had to go--a wise decision, since she never really took a good photograph. I'll miss her colorful commentary, however.

So now we have Renee, Jaslene, and Natasha in the final three. My money is still on Jaslene--Renee is evil at heart, and Natasha, while adorable in her own way, is a mail-order bride, which is not exactly fitting with Cover Girl's wholesome image. And, yes, Jaslene has that drag queen thing going on, but keep in mind she's Latina, and wouldn't she be a great vehicle for Cover Girl to target this country's ever-growing Latin population? I'm just saying. But regardless, Jaslene is my favorite, and I think she's the best of the three girls left. So my fingers are crossed.

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A-T-G said...

HAHA! I've really enjoyed this season of "Top Model". It's been a treat (especially since last season kinda sucked for me).

I was shocked at Brits outser (even tho she whined up a storm, bitch could take a picture!). Natasha has cracked me up but, I agree with you regarding her chances! No WAY is cover girl gonna' take the mail order bride! Too bad! Since I love her!

Go Cha-cha Diva!