Cheryl shops...Inhabit and Y-3
'Tis the season, so I hit two sample sales today. First up, I went to Inhabit on my lunch hour. The sale used to be right across the street from my office, but this time it moved to an off-site location on 37th Street that was sadly just as crowded as the usual one. However, the deals were so good, the sale could've been in a barnyard for all I care. Cotton sweaters were $40, cashmere was $60-$100, and while some styles had only small sizes left, there was still a ton of merchandise when I was there at 1 p.m., which leads me to believe that the sale might be extended. Stay tuned...

After work, I headed to the Y-3 sale, and while I love me some Yohji Yamamoto, I found the sale a bit disappointing. For the ladies, tees were a reasonable $40 and pants were a not-too-bad $60, but to be honest, the selection of Y-3 at the recent Billion Dollar Babes was way better. And a lot of the merch was a bit on the old side--I know this because I saw a pair of pants that I bought two years ago. If you're a guy, however, the selection seemed to be a bit more varied, especially in the shoe department. So if you really love Y-3 or if you're a dude, the sale runs through 7 p.m. tomorrow at 610 Broadway.


Anonymous said...

What did you get at Inhabit? I got seven cashmere sweaters there yesterday for $480--which was a lot of money but I got a lot of soft and stylish cashmere.It was a good sale.

Cheryl said...

I got a cotton sweater with a cutout back and a cashmere jacket-cardigan thing for myself, then two sweaters for gifts (for people who shall remain unnamed). I like my two-for-you, two-for-me way of shopping!

Anonymous said...

I went too - it was so worth it. I got a brown v-neck cashmere sweater and a cream cardigan. Now I'm regretting I didn't get a few other things I had my eye on. Definitely one of the best sample sales.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for telling us (your stuff sounds nice--I didn't even look at the cotton sweaters). You are so nice to get gifts! I wanted to get a cardigan for my mother but the sizes were slightly too small for her.

Anonymous said...

Inhabit will be having an online sample sale at their site starting Dec. 5! So there's still time to score!

Anonymous said...

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