Guilty Pleasure: Hollister sweatpants
Whenever MW and I head out to the burbs, we like to go to the mall. Mundane, yes, but you never realize how much you miss malls until you move somewhere like New York where, this time of year especially, shopping involves schlepping around outside in inclement weather, then sweating once you get inside the stores because you're wearing 8,000 layers and a heavy coat. But I digress. I also love going to malls because I like to observe teenagers in their natural habitat--it keeps me young. And nowadays, the teens are flocking in huge numbers to Hollister, which is owned by Abercrombie & Fitch and virtually undistinguishable from its parent company, except that its clothes appear to fit tighter and cost about $10-$15 less. Also, Hollister stores are darker and the music is louder, if you can believe that. So I spent most of my time stumbling around and bumping into things, blindly grasping at random racks of clothing until I came across the sweatpants. If you've been to a college campus (or a suburban mall) recently, you'll know what I'm talking about--low rise, slightly cropped, but worn bunched up right below the knee. Often they say "Hollister" across the butt. Yes, they're kinda obnoxious. But oh my god are they soft. They're a regular ol' cotton/poly blend, but the way they're washed to achieve such divine softness must be an industry secret guarded with secret passwords, iron padlocks, and a pack of angry Rottweilers. Of course I bought a pair. So did MW. I am a little upset with myself for not having bought another. Then again, now I have something to look forward to next time I go to the mall.

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