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I have one more Fall Shopping Guide post coming your way next week, then it will be back to regularly scheduled Cheryl Shops content.

As I said the other day, I decided to avoid H&M like the plague today. Which seems to have been a good idea, because according to Racked, there was at least one fistfight at Herald Square and at 50th Street, a man who said, "Bitch, if you grab that, I'm going to fucking cut you." I think that quote speaks for itself, but perhaps the reason everyone was so grabby today is because they're all aspiring entrepreneurs: There are already eight pages of listings on eBay, with the gold dress going for $700. That's right, $700. Throw in a few hundred more and you could get a real Cavalli. Perspective, people.

I haven't been doing my ANTM recaps in the past few weeks, mainly because I am starting to find the show so annoying, I can barely handle it. ANTM is now the hour I suffer through before Gossip Girl starts. Seriously. The one shining light, however, is Heather. Can we please just let her win now and be done with it? And then can next season be America's Next Top Plus-Size Model, so that they can stop feeling obligated every season to include a plus size model who inevitably breaks down due to the fact that she's plus size and competing against twelve skinny bitches? And while I'm on my soapbox, did anyone love how the entire time Tyra was showing the girls how to move (I'm assuming she put them in nude tights and leotards in order to make them look as unflattering as possible, next to her), she never mentioned her music video that she made the girls of season--excuse me, cycle two star in? And remember how Tyra told Ebony a few weeks ago that she doesn't like quitters? Um, what happened to your music career, Tyra? Or, for that matter, your acting career? I'm just saying.

Also, thank god tomorrow is Friday.

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