Fall Shopping Guide: Long Shoulder-Strap Bags
I love watching early-'80s movies for nostalgic purposes (I was a child then) and because I love the wardrobe, the hair, the makeup...all of which is, somewhat scarily, making a comeback. But what has struck me most recently is the streamlined, long-strap look of all the handbags. There's been a lot of talk recently about "the death of the It Bag" and I am definitely behind that movement. After all, what's the point of dropping $2k on a handbag, only to see every other woman on the street carrying a knockoff she bought from a street vendor? I think the more understated shape of the long-strap bag fits in beautifully with this less-flashy way of accessorizing, and what's great about these bags is that you can carry them on your shoulder or wear them across the body for a more practical approach. But for the bag snobs out there, fret not--luxury handbags are still some of the best options around, but the cleaner shape and less outré details mean you can wear your bag without it wearing you.

If luxury is what you're after, a Bottega Veneta bag such as this messenger is a smart choice--counterfeiters have a hard time replicating the woven construction, and while many people know a Bottega when they see one, they won't necessarily know what season it's from, which, if you ask me, is the mark of a timeless bag.

With its zip pockets and flapa, Lanvin's leather Hero has a bit more detail than I'm after, but the adjustable canvas strap and the army green color make it unique. The bag was also made in France, so you know the attention to detail is of utmost quality.

I know I'm going to sound ridiculous saying this, but I feel like $795 is a somewhat reasonable price to pay for this nearly-perfect Mix quilted bag from Marc Jacobs--the size is ideal, the chain strap is trendy yet forever chic, and yet it doesn't shout "Marc Jacobs!" I think this is the bag to beat.

If Marc Jacobs collection is out of the question, the ultra-soft leather bags from the Marc line are a just-as-good option. I like the retro look of the
Lovely Luz bag
--it looks like a treasure you unearthed at a vintage boutique, but without the musty smell or all the hard work.

For those of you who don't carry around your entire life in your purse (like I do), Deborah Sweeney's Owl bag is petite but packs a punch. The bow on the front is very young Parisian, Rive Gauche, Yves Saint Laurent--in other words, très chic.

A bigger, slightly more practical cousin to the above is Juliana Jabour's
cross-body hobo
. It still has the stylish chain strap, but the slouchier shape is big enough to accommodate all of your accouterments.

What I love about Target is while they spend so mcuh time and effort publicizing their Go International designers, they also have lower-priced lines from less high-profile designers, and discovering these is kind of like finding a hidden treasure. Case in point: this practical yet chic organizer bag from NYC by Perlina.

While a lot of hardware is not a look I'm after at the moment, the studs on this La Redoute bag keep its synthetic suede from looking cheap--in fact, they give it a little rock-and-roll edge.

About half of what Fossil creates makes me scratch my head, and then the other half is classic and well made. Thankfully, this cross-body bag falls into the latter category. It might not be made in Italy of the finest-quality leather, but it's sturdy, durable, and it perfectly captures the low-key look I'm after.

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Hi Cheryl!

Great bags for fall! I love all of your choices. Now where can I find them in Boston??