This is a few days late, but if you haven't checked it out already, Racked has hi-res images of the upcoming Loeffler Randall for Target collection, and I must say it looks a lot better than I had originally thought. I especially like the woven bag. Of course, being $50 and under, everything in the collection is synthetic, and thus I'm not sure how I feel about the shoes--I'll carry a fake leather bag, but the shoes are bound to make one's feet a sweat-fest. The collection hits stores December 30th.

And speaking of Target, I hit the Salem, NH location last weekend and snapped up the bunny dress and the sparkly turtleneck from the Erin Fetherston Go International collection. While everything appears to run a bit small (I had to go up two sizes in the dress to accommodate my boobs), the quality is a lot higher than in recent collections (particularly Alice Temperley's). The coats and jackets are super-adorable too.

I also picked up the Monroe clutch from the Hollywood line; it's really well made, and it will be perfect for the upcoming holiday party season. The shoes are indeed gross, although I thought the red shoe with the bow on the heel was not bad, but, again, synthetic shoes kind of skeeve me out. I'll stick with getting my Hollywoulds at her twice-yearly blowout sale.

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