The Cheryl Shops Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Now that you've shopped all of the Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and even Giving Tuesday sales, time to tackle gifts for other people. While I focused on major retailers offering ridiculously good discounts in my sale post last week, for my annual holiday gift guide, I really wanted to highlight small, local, sustainable, woman- and/or POC-owned businesses, because they're the ones who really need (and deserve!) our dollars at the moment. And speaking of money, I know it's been a rough year for a lot of people, and not everyone is in a position to spend a ton on gifts. And that's ok—for me, the most important thing is knowing that my family and friends are happy, healthy, and safe. But if you are in a gifting mood, read on, be thankful, and spend mindfully. (And if you're Sean, feel free to scroll straight to the splurge section. Kidding! Sort of.)

1. I discovered Furbish through another blogger, and this Raleigh, NC–based shop has all manner of knickknacks and home d├ęcor, including this RBG ornament (they have the Obamas, Joe Biden, Britney Spears, and several others too). 

Ruth Bader Ginsburg ornament $22

2. I feel like I've been single-handedly supporting the candle industry this year, and this cloche will help preserve the scents that I've been (literally) burning through. Plus, it looks fancy! 

Wooden candle coaster with cloche $25

3. I feel like these check-the-box congratulations cards will really come in handy for the times you want to send a congratulatory note but are too lazy to schlepp to the card store for a specific one. 

Alexa Pulitzer congratulations notes $17

4. I didn't think I was a matcha person until I tried Golde's version in this sampler—it's the most delicious one I've ever had, and the turmeric and cacao flavors are equally tasty (and good for you). 

Golde Superfood latte sampler $22

5. I've followed Elizabeth Holmes on social media for years, and I love her spot-on commentary on what Kate, Meghan, the Queen, and even Camilla wear. A must-read for anyone who's been binging The Crown on Netflix. 

HRH: So Many Thoughts on Royal Style $21

6. I discovered this puzzle brand in Copenhagen of all places, and it has the stamp of approval from my mom, the most voracious puzzler I know. Plus, Eeboo is woman-owned, mother-run, and sustainably sourced. 

Eeboo Plant Ladies 1000-piece puzzle $21.99

1. People used to joke about how generic candles were as a gift, but considering that I burn one nearly every day while sheltering in place, they've become a very welcome (even essential) one. Mar Mar candles are handmade in LA by adults with disabilities and they smell freaking amazing. 

Mar Mar Los Angeles Momo No Aware candle $48

2. I have been slowly turning my living room into a jungle this year, and watering all of my plants has turned into quite the endeavor. This fancy mister will make my tropical plants happy and is pretty enough to be displayed on the shelf next to them. 

Kikkerland brass plant mister $38.75

3. While I've adapted to working out at home, I've let my strength training kind of slip a bit. Everyone on Instagram seems to love these strap-on weights, and they were created by a husband-and-wife duo who appeared on Shark Tank

Bala Bangles $49

4. I played this game for hours last weekend and probably could have kept going, except that I was winning so much and started to feel bad for everyone else (#humblebrag). It's kind of like Sudoku but with colors and patterns, and it is so. Freaking. Addictive. 

Azul board game $28.99

5. This is technically for sugar, but I have a very similar jar that I use for kosher sea salt—I keep mine right next to my stove and reach into it whenever what I'm making needs just a pinch of flavor. If you've been cooking as much as I have, this is one of those things that you don't realize how handy it is until you you have one. 

Earthen sugar jar $46

6. Let's face it, we're going to be wearing face masks well into 2021. My current collection is a hodgepodge and while I'd never spend this much on a mask for myself, it's the kind of accessibly luxe yet practical thing that makes an amazing gift. The monogram is actually quite big, the fabric is a breathable linen, and the treasure trove of a shop, Found by Maja, is a few blocks away from my apartment in San Francisco. 

Monogram linen face cover $48

1. Sometimes you just need to nuzzle some boobs, so this pillow is perfect for that. And speaking of boobs, Anomie (one of my favorite boutiques in SF) donates $10 from every purchase to a nonprofit clinic in Oakland that treats women with cancer.

Cold Picnic private parts pillows $65

2. Do you have an Air Fryer? Should you get an Air Fryer? I feel like it's the new Instant Pot, which hopefully doesn't mean you'd use it for three months and then never again, like I did with mine. But the thought of making fries at home sounds quite tempting, doesn't it? 

Instant Brands Vortex air fryer $99

3. Considering the amount of time we spend at home, I feel like we should have a fabulous wardrobe of loungewear, if we don't already. This gorgeous robe is created by a women-led company in England and sales benefit one of my favorite museums in San Francisco, which sadly had to re-close due to COVID.

One Hundred Stars heron kimono $90

4. There are a gazillion pet portrait companies out there but none as unique as Royal Pet Pawtraits, which, you guessed it, paints a portrait of your pet in the classical tradition. We joke that our dog, Zuni, is the princess of Pacific Heights, so this one feels about right for her, and the best part is that it can be customized with your pet's favorite toy. 

Royal Pet Pawtrait — The Princess $69

5. I never drink my coffee quickly enough in my very drafty apartment, so I usually have to warm it up in the microwave. This ingenious thing keeps it at a steady temperature for up to an hour and a half, which should (hopefully) be enough time to properly savor your morning ritual. 

Ember mug $99.95

6. Between working from home and sheltering in place, I spend 90% of my waking hours in slippers, thus that's where I'm investing my footwear dollars at the moment. I am a firm believer in shearling—it's temperature-regulating and doesn't make your feet sweat like synthetic fur—and love that Patricia Green is still an independent designer. 

Patricia Green Mount Hood shearling slipper $89.95

1. And now, onto the gifts that I really want. I got a sweet, sweet taste of what it's like to carry a Chanel bag with my Wardrobe rental, and I've been obsessed with getting one since. A new classic black lambskin double-flap runs $6,500 in stores, but you can find a vintage one in good condition for about half of that—still astronomical, but a girl can dream. 

Vintage Chanel lambskin medium double flap bag $3,130

2. One of my freelance clients has turned me on to linen sheets, and while I haven't yet succumbed, apparently once you try them, you can't sleep on anything else. Coyuchi is based in the Bay Area and uses only organic fibers. 

Coyuchi linen chambray Minimalist set $698

3. No, this is not necessarily an engagement ring, but if someone were to buy me a significant piece of jewelry, I'd want one from Fiat Luxe, the coolest jewelry store in San Francisco. I'm particularly into DMD Metal's line of Goth–Art Deco rings, which you can also find on Etsy

DMD Metal Zilfa ring $450

4. I basically live in coatigans right now, and so I think this three-quarter-length beauty from my favorite cashmere brand would get a ton of wear. Full disclosure: I was hoping Nakedcashmere would do a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale, and I was ready to buy it for myself, but their only offer was a gift with purchase—bad news for bargain hunters like me, but good news for them, as not having to discount is the sign of a very healthy brand. 

Nakedcashmere Makena cardigan $375

5. I discovered this brand last year while doing research for a sustainability project at work; La Bouche Rouge is dedicated to eliminating plastic from cosmetics, which is a very worthy (and lofty) goal. Not only does everything come in gorgeous refillable containers (and refills are much more reasonably priced), but Chloe Sevigny, one of my style icons, collaborated with them on a red lipstick that I'm straight up obsessed with. 

La Bouche Rouge La Rouge Chloe with monogrammed case $130

6. I've been joking for awhile that after shelter in place, I'll never wear heels again, and with brands like SF's own Freda Salvador making shoes like this, I won't have to. They're basically fancy Birkenstocks lined with shearling, and I know they're kind of ugly, but I love them. I've amazingly never owned a pair of Fredas, but hopefully this will be my first. 

Freda Salvador Shen Sandals $495


Carrie @ Curly Crafty Mom said...

I just love the idea behind La Bouche Rouge cosmetics! That red lipstick tube is just GORG!


Mica said...

This is a great gift guide but I have to say that kimono is the standout piece to me! So beautiful! I hope you do get that Chanel bag too. I don't think I'll ever get hubby to agree to buying another one, I got one (vintage of course) for our anniversary one year and it was at the top of his bag budget, and of course prices have gone up so much then even second hand, haha! :) I can dream though! :)

Hope that you are having a great weekend :) It's another hot one here!

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Shelbee on the Edge said...

Wonderful gift ideas, Cheryl! The RBG ornament is magnificent! I am swooning over that green kimono. And the sherpa lined Birks are right up my alley! Thanks for sharing and linking with me.