America's Next Top Model recap
Because Kim got kicked off during last week's episode of America's Next Top Model, and since Kim was probably my most favorite contestant since Shandi, it was rather difficult to bring myself to watch this week's episode. Well, not really, but it was sad not having Kim there. (I am taking solace in the fact that a lot of the girls who don't win end up having solid modeling careers, so hopefully that will happen for Kim.) The show certainly made up for her absence by featuring both Simon Doonan, the hilarious creative director of Barneys, and Barbara Hulanicki, the creator of Biba and often considered the godmother of the Mod look (I worship her). Simon gave the girls a history lesson on modern British fashion while alternately hinting that the girls look like strippers and hookers. Love him! The girls were then given 150 quid to purchase four outfits (Mod, punk, preppy, and Bollywood) to wear to four different go-sees. Nik won this challenge, and her prize was 100 frames at the next photo shoot; Nicole got 80 frames; Jayla got 60; and Brie got 50, plus she had to go first and she couldn't look at herself in the mirror. Harsh, no? But before this photo shoot, the girls had to pair off and take a walk with each other through London. Cut to Jayla and Nik settling their differences (remember the "I'm afraid of the dark and I sleep with a nightlight" incident?) and Bree and Nicole kissing and making up. Awww. The next day's photo shoot had a Bollywood theme and was shot by judge Nigel Barker, who, as it turns out, is half Sri-Lankan. Bree had a migraine and, for some reason, took Benadryl for it, so she was totally out of it for her shoot, but Nik and Nicole both rocked it. Jayla, not so much. And while it came down to Jayla and Bree in the end (all of a sudden, the judges are very concerned about Bree's height, even though Nik is the same height--5' 8''--and Nicole is only an inch taller, plus the last two winners, Eva and Naima, have also been on the short side), Jayla got the boot for being a cold fish...which should have happened like three weeks ago, but whatever.

So now it's down to Bree, Nik, and Nicole, and next week is the finale. MW thinks Nik has it in the bag; I don't care, just as long as Bree doesn't win. I still don't like the girl, sorry. But, even though next week is the last episode of ANTM, it's also the season premiere of...Project Runway! Yay! Look for recaps of both next week.

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