Website of the week
I saw my dear friend ES over the weekend, and in passing, she mentioned her cousin had started a belt company and asked if I'd mind checking out the website. I said yes, figuring I'd mention the site in the week in shopping or some such, but the site made me laugh so hard, I though I'd make it website of the week. The site is Montana Realty Co., which is neither based in Montana, nor a realty company. It opens with flash animation of, well, two kooky East Village hipsters. You'll just have to watch it for yourself. Anyway, they sell three belt styles, the Bonsai (a kung-fu-inspired style), the Buddha (self-explanatory), and the Sanskrit (which features sanskrit writing). All styles are webbed with a metal logo buckle, and each style comes in several different colors. I'm guessing these are supposed to be men's belts, but, hey, they look unisex to me. Oh, and they're a very reasonable $19 each, which is a small price to pay for the amusement this site provides.

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