America's Next Top Model recap
From last week's preview, I knew this week's episode of America's Next Top Model would include a scene where all of the girls gang up on Kim for talking about them behind their backs. I was a bit taken aback, however, when the scene turned into full-on Kim-hatin'. And then I got worried, because when they feature a girl a lot, she's in danger of getting kicked off. Kim seemed genuinely upset about all of this, cried, apologized, and even wrote a letter of apology to Nik. Meanwhile, Bree cradled her head and told her to "give some lovin' to Mama" or something ridiculous, while later, deviously, saying how she was keeping her eneimes closer. (If you could see me right now, I'm rolling my eyes.) Anyway, after last week's cruelly delivered "We're going to London" announcement, the girls were kind of in limbo about when they were actually going to go. First they were paid a visit by gender-bending model Jenny Shmizu, then they learned that the paparazzi would always be watching them when they become famous (riiiight), and then they had to do "one last photo shoot," where they were judged on how good their passport photo was. Personally, I thought Kim's was the best, but somehow Bree, who looked kind of retarded in her photo, won. (It seemed random at the time, but we learned where this came from later: Young Tyra was sitting on a trans-Atlantic flight next to photographer, and since she didn't have her portfolio with her, she booked a job based solely on her passport photo.) So they arrive in London, and immediately they have "paparazzi" following them as they try to check in to their hotel. Lisa tries to be all Lindsay Lohan about it by covering her face, but everyone else handled it pretty good naturedly. Bree's prize for winning the contest was to have dinner with Nik and two handsome, well-spoken British bachelors (probably male escorts or playboys). The next day's photo shoot had a rather complicated conceit involving being naked, having hair and makeup half done, and squeezing all six models into a phone booth. All were brats about it, except for Nicole, who amusingly farted in the booth. Also, Bree was really getting on my nerves, because she pretends to be all high and mighty, but really, she's judgmental and a snob. At judging, Kim was called first (yay!), followed by Bree (yuck!), and while I thought we were going to have a Jayla-Nicole repeat from last week, Lisa and Jayla were in the bottom two, the former for being too crazy and the latter for being too dull. But the judges saw their chance and ran with it, taking the "too crazy" excuse for kicking Lisa off (when, really, we all know that's she's too old and, um, "weathered"). Ding-dong the fug is dead!

Next week, the girls have to pose like statues and get attacked by London's infamous pigeons (this is going to be difficult for me to watch, since I hate pigeons), and Bree and Kim continue their war of the words.

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