Sample sale report
I was really looking forward to the Sigerson Morrison warehouse sale; apparently so were a lot of other girls. Due to quarterly strategy meetings at work, I knew I wouldn't be able to get down there until today after work, but thanks to my coworker JB, I didn't even have to make the trip! The intrepid JB was there at 9 a.m. yesterday morning...and the line was three blocks long (girls toward the end of the line reportedly waited two hours to get in), so JB figured she'd try again today. This morning, there was no line, but there was also no merchandise left at all, and they're not restocking--yes, Sigerson Morrison is completely cleaned out. But, hey, that's okay--I'll hit the store during their "crazy sale" (or the 50% off week right before) in January.

Still feeling the need to hit a sample sale, I swung by Lutz & Patmos, which is probably my favorite cashmere label--they make really flattering cuts in cool styles. I also like this sale because it's totally civilized--there were about three or four other women there, quietly browsing the racks while jazz music played softly in the background. Anyway, the sale started Tuesday, but they still have a lot of stuff left--Friday is the last day, and prices go down to 70% off. They have two racks' worth of fall 2005 merchandise (you can preview it on the website), and while I had a hard time making a decision, I ended up going with a two-tone gray striped sweater from a past collection. Yes, it was probably a bit more than what I wanted to pay (most of the sweaters are $150 and up), but these are sweaters that retail for like $500 and up, so it ends up being a pretty good deal. At least, that's what I like to tell myself.

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