Sellout Stella
I just got back from the debacle known as Stella McCartney for H&M, and let me tell you, I was about four hours too late. All that was left at the store at 34th and 7th was two racks' worth of clothes, all in size 42 (a 12, according to H&M), which about 30 women were fighting over like the clothes were made out of spun gold. Apparently that store had received three truckloads' worth of clothes. I tried on the black pants and the bubble skirt, both in size 42, both of which fell off my hips. I got lucky, though, and on my second round, I spotted the blue silk cami with rhinestone trim and the teal flutter-sleeve blouse, the former in a 40 and the latter in a 38. (I don't know where they get these sizes from, but I can assure you, I've never worn a size 38 in anything in my life.) The cami is a bit huge on me, but it will be perfect after a visit to my tailor. And the flutter-sleeve blouse is gorgeous. I asked the checkout girl about the display clothes in the window; she said they'd be taking them down first thing in the morning, and whoever was there first would get them. She also said that they might get another shipment tomorrow morning. But otherwise, the collection is completly sold out. Everywhere. Seriously.

For more takes on the situation, here's MK's report, the scene at the Oxford Circus H&M in London, and according to Fashion Wire Daily, fashion editor bitches got first dibs at 8 a.m. this morning. Bitches.

The good news? There are already items for sale on eBay.

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