Five things I learned on tonight's otherwise useless recap episode of America's Next Top Model

1. Kim has mad harmonica skills. (Well, not really...)

2. Nicole is hilarious. Why they choose to portray her as this boring, sullen teenager, I have no idea.

3. Coryn wrote Lisa a note of apology after the "drunk bitch" episode, and the girls kissed (literally) and made up.

4. Lisa comes across as wacky, not bitchy. Her exercise routine around the house was particularly amusing.

5. The true bitch in the house is...Jayla! With her no-inner-monologue comments, she started pissing off the other girls from day one. Funny how, for some reason, the bitchiness wasn't shown on camera until the "I sleep with a nightlight" incident. Conspiracy?

Thankfully, next week is the first week of sweeps, so the show will be back with a brand-new episode, in which the girls meet Eva the Diva and frolic with Wildboyz for a photo shoot. Also, I'd like to note that Kim was voted Cover Girl of the Week. I swelled with pride. Yay, Kim!

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