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Even though I'm trying not to spend any money, I agreed to accompany HG and BO to Nolita on Saturday for a two-part shopping mission. The first part was to check out The Market NYC, a nifty little market held every Saturday and Sunday in a Catholic school gymnasium. The way it works is that designers pay a nominal fee to use the space, then shoppers like me come in and buy their stuff--which, based on Saturday's selection, was everything from semiprecious jewelry to vintage clothing to screen-printed T-shirts to super-potent chocolate (that was my only purchase, for $5). I was, overall, really impressed with the selection (many of the vendors are cash-only, but a lot take credit cards too), especially the jewelry. I saw a lot of pretty, delicate chains, as well as oversized, chunky stones and a lot of circles (I managed not to buy a gorgeous long gold chain with huge scattered circles--very Mod, but a bit much for me at $120). We did a lot of price-point investigation, because HG makes these really pretty bracelets made of crocheted sterling silver thread and Swarovski crystals (we saw several vendors with similar stuff, but none as cool as HG's); we decided The Market NYC definitely looks like a good venue, so I'll let you know when HG schedules her first appearance.

Part two of our mission was to check out EMC2, Project Runway designer Emmett McCarthy's store on Elizabeth Street. I wasn't expeciting at all, but we walked in and there was Emmett! (For the record, he is very tall and very nice.) The store is a bit sparse, but he's got some funky accessories and a pretty lace slipdress for sale. He overheard us talking about where to find a budget bridal dress for BO and her upcoming nuptials, and rattled off a bunch of suggestions for where to go. Also, he has an adorable black chihuahua. We left technically empty-handed, but our Project Runway fixes were satiated, and now BO has a list of cool stores to check out in her search for The Dress.

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