Fashion Week roundup
London Fashion Week was over and done with before I even realized it, and now we're deep into the Milan week. So far, Cathy Horyn has raved over Raf Simons, who appears to be the first designer in, oh, four or five years, to actually get the Jil Sander aesthetic (not coincidentally, it was announced today that Prada is finally selling the company). Speaking of Prada, for once our dear Cathy is kind of underwhelmed by la Miuccia; Suzy Menkes, on the other hand, appeared to understand the bizarre-sounding mix of Alaia- and streetwear-inspired pieces. Suzy also makes an interesting juxtaposition of Dolce & Gabbana and Burberry, whose shows drew JLO and Kate Moss, respectively. But the big news thus far has been Frida Giannini's collection for Gucci, a very glam rock pastiche of David Bowie- and Studio 54-inspired sexy stuff. In other words, her overtly feminine collection from spring sold poorly, so she probably got strong word from the Corporation to revert back to the sexy glamazon look coined by Tom Ford. (And while I like what she did for spring, I agree--there are enough "pretty" lines out there, and Ford's vixen look was hardly broken, and thus probably did not need to be fixed. Not to mention, the pretty look most likely alienated many of Gucci's loyal clientele.) I don't know, Tom Ford is probably a bit of an egomaniac, but damn if he didn't know what he was doing. I still love the guy.

Next week, Paris Fashion Week: Balenciaga and Lanvin and Rochas, oh my!

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