Project Runway recap
Based on Gay Uncle Nick's near-miss on last week's Project Runway, I was a bit nervous to watch this week's episode. And, um, with good reason, but more on that later. Daniel V. tactfully handled Andrae's model's tearful departure, then the designers found out their next, model-less challenge: to give each other makeovers. This was fine for Santino and Daniel V., as they had to make over Kara and Chloe, respectively, but challenging for the ladies (and Nick), as they all had to design menswear--Nick (who was making over Daniel V.) actually had experience doing this, but Kara (doing Santino) and Chloe (doing Nick) did not. The designers actually had two days to complete the challenge--a lot of time considering the past challenges--and other than Santino telling Kara what to do all the time, things seemed to be going pretty smoothly. Until the runway show, or, rather, right before, when Santino was gluing the sleeves into his still-unfinished jumpsuit for Kara. The judges obviously loved Chloe's vest-and-pant combo for Nick and Kara's neo-preppy look for Santino (who, amazingly, trimmed his beard and cut his hair)--again, highly ironic since neither Chloe nor Kara had ever designed menswear before. The designers pretty much hated Daniel V's very Dynasty-looking dress for Chloe (as Heidi so perfectly said, "We don't like what you did to Chloe"), but thankfully for him, he had immunity, so he was in. Chloe won the challenge (Nick looked so cute in her outfit!); it came down to Santino and Nick in the end, but since Nick sent Daniel V. down the runway in what was essentially a women's suit (and a poorly sewn one at that), he got the auf wiedersehen. And because I had already been crying last night, I cried a little more for Nick. But I'm hoping Project Runway is kind of like America's Next Top Model in that just because you don't win doesn't mean you don't have a good career.

Next week, it's down to four designers, and they have to create an evening gown for a celebrity of some sort. Expect major snippiness.

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