Project Runway recap
Episodes like this week's Project Runway are what make me love the show. After schmoopy goodbyes between Gay Uncle Nick and his former model (who had to leave since Zuleema got kicked off last week), Heidi informed the designers they'd be designing dresses for a garden party...a deceptively simple-sounding challenge. Good ol' Tim Gunn informed them the next morning, after a short trip to the flower district, that they'd be making said garden party dresses out of organic materials, i.e. plants. So after the designers freaked out for a few minutes, they got to work selecting materials. Clearly a lot of them had seen last season's corn husk dress designed by Austin Scarlett, because they were all worried about potential wilting, and most went with green leaves and plants, rather than flowers (more on that later). As the designers got to work--with six contestants left, the competition is getting rather intense--Santino redeemed himself (to me, at least) with a hilarious impersonation of Tim Gunn, extended to a story in which he and Andrae take a trip to Red Lobster (which is right around the corner from Parsons) for dinner. And, shock of shocks, Santino actually blushed when Tim caught him in the act--so Santino is human after all! Aside from Chloe's frantic last-minute leaf-gluing, there was very little drama in this episode, which was kind of nice for a change. I think all the designers really kicked ass on this semi-trashy as Gay Uncle Nick's dress and as boring as Andrae's dress were, you can't help but be impressed by everything. Even Kara pulled out all the stops with hers, and were it not for the judges' obvious infatuation with Daniel V., I think she was thisclose to winning the challenge (although Chloe's dress was gorgeous also). I was very underwhelmed by Santino's design; I think he does the best with the least amount of direction, which doesn't necessarily bode well for him in the future. For once I agreed with Nina Garcia, who was disappointed in the lack of color, aside from green. But Daniel V.'s dress was totally gorgeous (and one that used probably the most color) and did deserve to win. Now with four wins under his belt, Daniel V. is quickly becoming this season's Kara Saun. It came down to Nick's kinda-trashy dress and Andrae's kinda-boring frock in the end, and even though I loved his gutter-inspired creation from last week, I kind of understand why Andrae was the one to go this week--he was kind of inconsistent. I'm a little worried for Nick; he needs to step it up big time, especially since Daniel V. has immunity next week (well, not that Daniel V. is really in danger at this point). C'mon, Gay Uncle Nick!

Next week, the designers give each other makeovers. Expect much tension to ensue.

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