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Obviously, it's New York Fashion Week, a.k.a. Olympus Fashion Week. And it's almost over. But so far this season (Fall 2006, for the record), there has been much ado about fashion bloggers. I admit I've been slacking a bit this week (I have a good excuse: real estate drama), but here and there I've been perusing these "trendsetting" (ironic quotation marks, mine) fashion blogs. Fashion Addict Diary, a blog I mentioned a few months ago because it was part of that whole New York Times roundup, has a lot of great info, but I'm really digging Viva Las Divas, a Vegas-based blog I discovered through the also-excellent I Am Fashion. Not only do the Divas have excellent behind-the-scenes coverage, but they have great runway analysis (with photos). It's not a replacement, but rather a refreshing supplement.

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Rebecca Lander said...

Thank you, but I'm Barcelona based, not Vegas based!