Website of the week
While I receive Daily Candy emails every day, I rarely do more than skim them, mainly because I cannot stand the "Oh, we are soooo chic" tone of them. But every once in awhile, one email will catch my attention and I'll read the whole thing. Such was the case with yesterday's, which highlghted Itsasickness, a new store on the Lower East Side. While it sounds kind of gimmicky from Daily Candy's take (you can read the full editorial here), I highly encourage you to visit the website, which is, in a word, quirky. Read the history for a dark look into the logic behind the concept, then satisfy one of your addictions with the store's line of chocolates, specially developed with Cheryl Shops fave Vosges Haut Chocolat. (I'm going straight for the extra-dark 75% cacao.) Sadly, chocolate is all the site has for sale as of now, but I am definitely intrigued enough to visit the store, located at 132 Ludlow. After all, shopping: It's a sickness.

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