Project Runway recap
While I kind of felt like an idiot shedding a tear over Gay Uncle Nick's departure on last week's Project Runway, I felt somewhat vindicated watching this week's episode and seeing that all of the designers thought that Nick was shit on and that Santino should've been the one to leave (except, well, Santino). Even sweet little Daniel V. was talking shit about Santino. Shocking! Anyway, this week's challenge was to design an evening gown that reflected each designer's own signature style. (As Jay later pointed out at a cocktail party with all of Season One's finalists save Wendy Pepper, all the Season One designers bombed this challenge. Foreshadowing...) So, as usual, Santino spent the episode adding more and more trim, Kara appeared to have no idea what she was doing whatsoever, Chloe chirpingly went about her business, and Daniel V. didn't say much of anything. Except to disparage Santinio, of course (who, amusingly, has now added a Michael Kors impersonation to his repertoire, athough it's not quite as spot-on as his Tim Gunn). Halfway through the challenge, the designers found out that supermodel Iman would be a guest judge, and that she'd be selecting the winner's dress to wear to a "red carpet event." Also, sometime around this point, Chloe began to have mixed feelings about whether she really wants to win. (So, now we know there's no way she's actually going to win.) So, onto the runway show, in which the designers send out...three boring satin charmeuse dresses, followed by Santino's renaissance-faire-on-acid dress. The former three were deemed boring (rightfully so) although Daniel V.'s dress was at least sewn well, which is more than you could say for Chloe's (bunchy seams) and Kara's (uneven, unfinished hem). And while I think he went a bit nuts with the pailettes, I hate to say it, but I kind of liked Santino's the best. Even Nina Garcia said it was the most "editorial," although that word is code for "seriously, no one is going to actually wear this." Before the judges deliberated, Heidi asked each designer whom they thought should go, and all but Chloe said...Chloe. Oh, snap! Chloe seemed a bit shocked by the backstabbing, as was I, although it kind of comes down to one thing: Love him or hate him, Santino is damn talented. Santino made it into the final three, Nick V. was the winner (blah) and Chloe was also "in"; Kara, who should've left weeks ago, was finally given the auf wiedersehen. Now, if you've been reading the ol' blogs, you know that all four of these designers presented shows at Fashion Week last Friday. Of course, we'll only see the top three on TV, but the exact same thing happened last year--why, I have no idea. Can't Bravo start the show a week early and avoid having to pay for an extra show? I don't get it. Anyway, from what I've seen (I Am Fashion has a few photos from each collection), I think I know who's going to win. But I'm not saying just yet.

Next week is a filler episode in which the designers talk about the season and get all up in each other's grills. Whee!

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