America's Next Top Model recap
As I predicted last week, the remaining contestants on America's Next Top Model were shipped off to a totally random location that Tyra tried to pass off as a "major fashion capital": Bangkok. Major psychedelic drug capital, okay. Major underage hooker capital, sure. Major fashion capital...I don't think so. Regardless, after a brief challenge in which they were interviewed by the ridiculous George Wayne of Vanity Fair--a challenge that Nnenna inexplicably won--the girls were off to...Bangkok. After a bizarre episode in which the losers of the challenge had to pamper winner Nnenna and Jade, the girls were subjected to an uncomfortable photo shoot in which they had to pose upside down over a smelly canal filled with Thai women peddling produce and wrapped in fish nets containing dead fish. Where's PETA when you need them? I think everyone did a good job, except for Sarah (I love her, but she can't really pose...or walk) and Nnenna, who, come to think of it, usually doesn't take very good pictures. Nnenna put the final nail in her own coffin by rambling on about herself Miss Universe-style at judging. It was down to her and Furonda, but Furonda is still fierce, and thus Nnenna was given the boot. I approve.

Next week, it's the awkward "make the models partake in local traditions" episode, and someone (Danielle, it appears) gets sent to the hospital. Drama!

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