America's Next Top Model recap
I'll admit, I am still completely perpelexed as to why Brooke is still a contestant on America's Next Top Model. This week's episode did not do much to alleviate my confusion. On one hand, I can relate to Brooke--she's obviously sensitive (as am I, although not to such an extreme), and she appears a little uncomfortable in her body. Okay, a lot. Her runway walk is an off-kilter hunched-over lope. And until today, I don't think she really took a good picture. And yet the judges keep her in. I'm clueless. Anyway, this week's episode had a runway focus, featuring segments with Ms. Jay and these bizarre, flamboyant "Aswirl" brothers who were, frankly, a little too RuPaul for my taste (this is 2006, and models no longer "swirl" like drag queens on the runway). The challenge had the girls walking in a "church show," modeling very modern designs from Lloyd Klein that, frankly, would've looked much better without the bizarre minimalist turbans. Jade won the challenge, unfortunately, by having done the "aswirl" with much gusto. The photo shoot involved modeling Payless shoes with krumpers in the background; since I have a mortal fear of clowns, this segment was a bit difficult for me to watch. At judging, the girls had to perform their "signature walk," then execute a bizarre turn as dictated by Tyra, and, as you can imagine, none of the girls pulled it off. Joanie really impressed me this episode; aside from kicking ass, she appears to actually have a personality. For lack of better options, I might have to start cheering for her (not a ringing endorsement, I know, but I've got so little to work with here). Although I also like Sarah, and I was a little worried when she was one of the final two, but considering Leslie's lackluster presence and perplexing runway walk, it was pretty obvious that she was going home. Which she did.

Next week: The girls go on go-sees, and Joanie goes to the dentist, the poor girl. I hate the dentist.

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