Buy IT: Jessica Simpson Footwear
I am not the biggest fan of Jessica Simpson. She's a little too Texan for me--the hair, the teeth, the tan, the boobs. I think her "Dessert" line is kind of gross. And I feel bad for Nick Lachey, the poor guy. Anyway, if you've been reading the news recently, you've read that she's being sued by her licenser--apparently Jessica has not done such a good job of promoting Princy, her line of juniors sportswear (we sell it at, and I can verify that it's not doing so well for us), the main example of which being when asked on the red carpet what her favorite jeans were, instead of saying her own label, she said "True Religion." That Jessica's a smart girl.

So in addition to the fledgling Princy, Jessica Simpson has a line of footwear, for which she appears in the ads, and it's called, simply, Jessica Simpson Footwear, a name that, hopefully, she can remember the next time she's asked about her favorite shoes on the red carpet. That said, the shoes are straight-up adorable. My absolute favorite is this Amy sandal, a dead ringer for a similar Christian Louboutin that Jessica herself wore on the red carpet. (At a tenth of the price of said Louboutins, count me in.) My second favorite is the Tracy thong, an awesome flat sandal with braided straps--I feel like I could wear the tan style all summer long. I even like the Glory Thong, a great alternative for those who don't want to fully commit to the espadrille. And while I don't like Jessica Simpson, sometimes one needs to make sacrifices in the name of fashion. For example, even though the owner of Urban Outfitters is a major Republican Party contributor, I still shop there. But to make up for it, every time I buy something there (or at Anthropologie), I have to make a contribution to a leftie organization. Yes, I'm totally serious. So I might be making Jessica Simpson a bit richer by buying her shoes. There are worse things in the world, aren't there?

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