Website of the week
There are three services that are absolutely necessary to a city girl's life: a dry-cleaner, a shoe repairman, and a waxing/nail salon. I moved into my new apartment three weeks ago, and while I have yet to find a new dry-cleaner or shoe repairman, I've found an excellent nail salon that happens to be kitty-corner from my apartment. It's a tiny little place called Go Girl, but it's decorated in a very mod white, black, and pink motif, and it's quite affordable--not so much as the sketchy places that offer $20 mani-pedis, but in a good sterilizing-all-the-tools way. Go Girl also sells a small line of beauty products called East Four that fit in with the aesthetic of the store and, more importantly, smell good. My dry, ravaged cuticles are asking for the miracle oil, and my sore muscles are begging for the Arachnotherapy lotion. I'm also thinking the Body Dew and Crembrulotion look good to me, especially since I suffer from crazy dry skin. Now that my renovation craziness is coming to a close and I think I can (finally) put down the power drill, I think I might be treating myself to a Go Girl mani-pedi this weekend. And maybe some products too.

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