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The other night, I stood in my closet for what seemed like forever, trying to pick out an outfit for the next day. Getting dressed this time of year is always difficult, not only because of the in-betweenness and unpredictability of the weather, but because by this point, I'm so sick of my winter clothes, but still not quite ready to bust out the summer wardrobe. Granted, I like the challenge, but lately my closet has been feeling particularly bleak, and the more I thought about it, I realized this is probably because I haven't bought anything new to wear in over a month. This, as you can probably imagine, is like a personal record for me. I've been so wrapped up in buying stuff for my new apartment (and let me tell you, I've been spending money like it's going out of style) that I haven't bought anything just for me. So the other day I started making my spring shopping list (and, yes, I know the Cheryl Shops Spring Shopping Guide is long overdue--when I get a chance, I'll start working on it), and I decided I want more, more, more Daryl K. I know they carry some of her pieces on and on Active Endeavors, but it was through the ol' standby Google that I came across La Garconne. With just a quick browse through this site, you can figure out the ideal customer: A super-hip city girl who's incredibly stylish but doesn't have to try hard. And, as you can imagine, I love practically everything they sell. You can shop by look (kind of an incomplete experience), by designer, or by category, although all of the designers are permanently listed on the left-hand navigation bar. Labels represented--most qualify as "cult status"--include everything from denim labels Earnest Sewn and Habitual to artsy Magda Berliner and perennially cool Vivienne Westwood. Of course I went straight to Daryl K: Sadly, most items in my size are sold out, but if I were a size four, I'd be ordering this Cotton Terry Lounge Jacket, a cross between a hoodie and a blazer; the Signature Mini Sarong Pant, a way more streamlined version of the ubiquituous mini-and-leggings combo; thankfully they still have my size in this ultra-flattering Riding Pant; and I totally love this random Peddle Pusher. The knitwear brand Clu has never really registered on my radar, but this Grecian dress and babydoll tee are enough to make me a convert. Nieves Lavi is another new name to me, but I think this Silk Jersey Babydoll Top is perfect for summer (and it will look great with skinny jeans). For the Kate Moss lovers out there, they carry her signature Misfit Jean from Sass & Bide; and I think these would look fabulous tucked into this Suede Slouchy Boot from Pedro Garcia. And: I'm a sucker for anything with the word "pirate" in it, but how could you not love this hot Pirate Jacket from Vivienne Westwood? Of course, there's no way I can afford all of this right now. And while I should really be spending my money on, say, fabric for drapes for my living room, I think maybe I can treat myself to one thing. After all, I have nothing to wear!

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