America's Next Top Model recap
My coworkers and I agree: We're starting to get really annoyed with America's Next Top Model. The first nail in the coffin was Tyra's cruel, cruel fake fainting spell, which I saw coming from a mile away, because someone so image-conscious as Tyra Banks would never let herself appear to be tired in front of her girls. The second was the fact that in spite of the fact that Brooke is so shy and sensitive that she can't even speak in front of the camera, and that Jade did her commercial performing as Jade the Drag Queen then blamed the director for choosing her worse take, the judges, for some inexplicable reason, kicked off Mollie Sue. Yes, Mollie Sue bore a somewhat bizarre resemblance to Boone on Lost, and maybe her personality didn't come through at judging, but come on, you can't tell me that Brooke deserves to be there and she doesn't. I'm this close to giving up on the show. It's the, what, fifth week and I still don't have a favorite girl--and don't think I will at any point. I came across this quote from Real Time with Bill Maher which I think perfectly sums up the show:

"New Rule: Until one of the winners of America's Next Top Model gets an actual modeling job, they can't use the name 'Top Model.' These women seem nice, but they're not 'top models,' because they aren't breathtaking beauties, Eastern European or 12. So let's call the show what it actually is: A Bunch of 9's Taking Shit From Tyra Banks."

Priceless. Next week...ah, who cares?

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