America's Next Top Model recap

I kind of shocked myself about being so excited about tonight's season finale of America's Next Top Model--I not only turned down an invitation to go to a trivia night, but I also insisted on watching the show on our big TV, thereby preventing MW from having his friend CK over to watch the basketball playoffs (sorry, MW!). What was not shocking, however, was who won: Thankfully not Jade (she was the first to go after a really, really bad Cover Girl commercial), but never in the history of the show has my favorite girl won. Backing up a bit, the show started with the Cover Girl challenge, in which they each film a commercial (with, yes, much product placement) then take a still shot. I thought Joanie was the only one who did a good job with her commercial, but I think her lack of smiling experience (seriously) hurt her in the still shot--it was beautiful, almost to the point of being too sophisticated for Cover Girl. The judges went surprisingly easy on Danielle and her drawl and, honestly, it kind of bothered me that Tyra kept ragging on her for it because, hello, what the girl needs is a voice coach. Jade proved to be, as always, Jade, so clearly she was the one to go. Danielle and Joanie then got to walk in a fashion show with, yes, kooky outfits and, of course, an even kookier runway that involved temples, bridges, water, and flower petals. And, well, my heart sunk a bit when I watched them walk: Joanie kept looking down, and Danielle did far better. So I pretty much knew then and there that it was over for Joanie. At judging, this was even more clear, although Joanie obviously had a big fan in Twiggy (who always seems to favor the white girls anyway). Also, for judging, Joanie was wearing her bizarre Thai-Pocahontas outfit from the show with her hair in a bun while Danielle got a glamour-girl gown and long, wavy hair. So Danielle was announced the winner, and Joanie was a very gracious loser, which made me like her even more. And I do like Danielle--basically I would've been happy with anyone but Jade (not that they'd ever let Jade win anyway)--she's funny and sassy and a trooper. And I'm sure she'll sound lovely after months of voice coaching, y'all.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you on Twiggy, always favors the white girls and disses the black girls. She does not even look like a former supermodel, Tyra needs to replace her with someone like Iman or Cindy crawford.