I go out of town for a few days and miss some huge news: Namely, Viktor & Rolf will design a capsule collection for H&M, to debut sometime in November. This is an interesting choice on many levels; while V&R are truly skilled tailors and designers, they may be a bit too quirky for mainstream audiences--I can't imagine the stores will be the fashionista free-for-all that happened last year with Stella McCartney's collection, but I suppose I should never say never. Regardless, I've learned my lesson; I'll be there at 9 a.m. the day the collection drops. Of course, I'll have more detailed info closer to the drop date.

In other MasstigeWatch! news, Target's new Go International designer is Tara Jarmon, who is French and, due to a lack of ubiquituous handbag, is not as well-known as, say, Luella Bartley. Tara Jarmon's collection is very French, and, to me, that's a good thing--while I ended up with a few pieces from Luella's collection, I felt that, overall, it was a bit to British-punky for me. This collection is way more feminine: I adore this stretch-lace blouse (currently out of stock), this whimsical polka-dot bag, this (again, sold-out) pintucked camisole, and I totally love these bright-green bermudas. Or, if you're over the ladylike look, you can still get a lot of the Luella collection on clearance. So much for limited-time-only.

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