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When I think of "Hawaiian style," I think of leis, grass skirts, and tropical-print shirts. Granted, I've never been to Hawaii (well, except as a fetus--my mom was pregnant with me on my parents' honeymoon there), so I was quite surprised when I came across Aloha Rag, an incredibly edgy-cool boutique located in Honolulu. Aloha Rag has a well-designed Flash-enabled website for those of us on the mainland (you can also shop in Japanese), and there are no leis, grass skirts, coconut bras, or anything of the sort to be found. In fact, the selection reminds me a bit of Barneys--a mix of established and up-and-coming designers, great jewelry, and stylish presentation. You can shop by category or by designer (guys, there's a ton of stuff for you too, but in the interest of most of my readers, I'm going to focus on the ladies); merch ranges from Belgian Ann Demeulemeester to It-girl label Chloe to trendy denim like Rogan and Tsubi. There are also a lot of under-the-radar handbag and jewelry designers, which is great--I love having accessories that no one else has. Like this Lena Wald butterfly necklace--I know I'm a sucker for butterflies, but how minimalist yet cute is this?
I also, even though it's a bit tacky, like this Dsquared2 horseshoe bracelet:
I also love this totally girly ring from Wouters & Hendrix, this quirky Tom Binns Mickey Bomb necklace, and, because this is Hawaii after all, this coral-inspired Heremitit ring from Moea. But aside from outstanding accessories, the site has some quality clothes, like this subdued (for them) DSquared2 Frill Top:
I totally want the Grand Hotel pant from Golden Goose, a new-to-me brand:
And I think I can live all summer long in this comfy-looking strapless dress from Rogan:

Sadly, like everything else in Hawaii, shipping is on the expensive side ($10-$25), but orders over $500 ship for free. And, hey, that's a lot cheaper than flying out to Hawaii, isn't it?

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