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Whenever I hear about a new fashion or, especially, a shopping blog, I get a little nervous at first, but after a closer look, then I relax. Not because I think my blog is superior, but because I realize that every blog is a little bit different and thus we can all peacefully coexist. I recently read about The Shophound on Curbed, one of my favorite blogs. The Shophound focuses on shopping, but with an almost real-estatey angle, and the emphasis is more on the stores themselves, as opposed to what to buy there. The Shophound also delivers delightfully snarky commentary on Alex Kuczynski's shopping stories from the Times and New York magazine's "Ask a store clerk" columns. So I definitely recommend The Shophound as a supplement to Cheryl Shops--but not, of course, as a replacement. After all, I think we can all get along.

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Anonymous said...

oooh this is snarktastic!