America's Next Top Model Recap
Either I'm good, or America's Next Top Model is getting really predictable. This episode was all about Sarah, and thus it became clear to me that she'd be the one to go this week. Well, and also, because while she's very beautiful, she's also very stiff and, honestly, just not a great model. Which is fine, because I feel like Sarah is too smart for it, and she'd be better off as, I don't know, a TV reporter or something where stiffness doesn't work against you. Anyway, the main focus of this episode involved the models going on go-sees to various Thai clients and traveling by these bizarre open-air taxis that looked like golf carts to me. Jade complained about this mode of transport more than anyone else, although Danielle was not feeling the humidity. Danielle technically won the challenge, although since all the girls were late returning from their assignment, Danielle was denied the prize, which was racks upon racks of clothes from the designers they met with. Ouch. The girls then traveled to Phuket, which had been hit heavily by the 2004 tsunami; enter Tyra and her Serious Message about the aftermath of the tsunami. This seriousness threw Danielle off her game, and she had trouble focusing during her photo shoot, and while Sarah stumbled at first, everyone else pretty much nailed it. Joanie was called first at judging, then Jade. And while Danielle took more shit about her accent (um, hello, get the girl a speech coach--she's not going to drop it on her own!), Sarah's stiffness did her in--although, to her credit, I think this photo was the best one Sarah had taken thus far. Still, she wasn't America's Next Top Model material.

Next week, it's the finale. I think Jade goes first, so it's down to Joanie and Danielle in the end. Danielle's got youth on her side, but Joanie's better spoken. Any guesses on who takes it?

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A-T-G said...

As it's never who I WANT to win--it'll be Joanie...This makes me sad because Danielle has been my favorite of this season! She's just funny and smart--I refuse to use the preferred ANTM "Fierce" to describe her (although, she is!). Jade better not make it to the final two! How can she? She's been in the bottom two so often, it's staggering! Dump her already! Ugh!