America's Next Top Model recap
When this week's episode of America's Next Top Model started out by featuring Samantha prominently, as first I thought, "Who?" and then I thought, "Oh yeah, the girl with the eyebrows." She's obviously shy, and while I feel like on any other "cycle" of ANTM she would've been the wallflower to blossom into a kickass model, on this season, she was getting lost amidst all the strong personalities, so it was obvious that she had to be the one to go. This episode was, of course, all about the walk, and while Miss J offered his always-useful critiques, I was actually surprised at how well the girls walked to begin with; there were certainly no Shandys or twins. I could've done without the high school theme of the episode, however--I guess they're pandering to the audience, since the winner now receives a spread in Seventeen instead of Elle. (How far the mighty have fallen.) I will admit, I kind of love Jaslene, and I think she can totally take Renee (come on, you know they're totally going to bust out in a catfight within the next few episodes). I like Brittany too (she reminds me of my friend CK). And I hate to say it, but I am not very impressed with the plus-size girls so far. Of course, next week is the makeover episode, so until then, all bets are off.

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