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A few weeks ago, armed with my 15%-off birthday coupon, I paid a visit to Loehmann's. When I lived in the West Village, I was a frequent Loehmann's shopper, and in fact it's still my NYC discount store of choice--Century 21 is too touristy and hit-or-miss; Gabay's is too small; and TJ Maxx, Daffy's and Filene's have sub-par merchandise. But Loehmann's, with its liberal coupons and good contemporary selections (as well as a lot of current-season stock), is always a winner in my book. So not only was I happy to find an ample selection of Clu, my current knitwear brand of choice, but I also discovered Park Vogel, a knit line that, as I learned on their site, has actually been around for nearly three years, but, hey, it's new to me. Started in 2004 by two girlfriends in search of the perfect T-shirt, the line now includes cashmere, jersey, and loungewear. And while I have been known to make fun of Los Angeles-based knitwear lines in the past, I will admit that perhaps they know what they're doing out on the West Coast--Park Vogel's tops are soft and lightweight, expertly cut, and finished with unique details, and the photos on the website are styled and shot beautifully, which makes me want to buy pretty much everything. Take this crewneck tee: It's ultralight modal, and I love the high, thin neckline with gathers below--it's a great layering piece, but with enough detail to keep things interesting.

The fine weight of everything makes it easy to layer, too--this super-flattering twist-front cami looks cute with the mini muscle tank underneath.

I'm also a big fan of the ruffle tank--this is the type of top that's wonderful camouflage for big-bellied girls such as myself.

Cashmere-wise, lots of the styles are on sale, so it's a good time to do some end-of-season stocking up, but there are many cotton/cashmere blends for spring, as well as short-sleeved styles like this chic striped polo.

Don't forget to check out the deals abounding in the sale section, like this work-friendly (and comfy-looking) kelly dress, at a reasonable $70.

Orders over $300 ship for free. It's way more than what I spent at Loehmann's, but as much as I love that discounter, the selection on Park Vogel's website is way better. If only they offered that additional 15% birthday discount...


Anonymous said...

Ok, so you just scored some Clu at Loehmann's, and I just scored some Clu at Century 21. Let's price-compare just for fun! C21: Tanks and shirts: $19 - $39; dresses $59; skirts $29. Tell all!

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