America's Next Top Model recap
You know, I totally forgot to comment last week on Brittany's "short-term memory loss" (irony intended) on America's Next Top Model, but Dionne beat me to it this week, pointing out that Brittany's memory loss certainly wasn't a problem during the acting challenge. Aha! So with all this focus on Brittany so early in the episode, it was quite obvious that she was the one marked for elimination. And the go-see challenge confirmed it: As the other girls dashed about and sweet-talked the clients, Brittany seemed slow and out of it (which was perhaps reinforced by the loopy music that was not-so-subtly playing in the background). And when she was late returning to the agency, Brittany pitched a huge fit, complete with cursing. Not so professional. Then again, neither was Dionne's hustling for clothes, and I was surprised that that never came up at the judging. But Jaslene finally won the challenge (yay!), although her prize was a bizarre photo shoot with Nigel on top of a bridge. Uh, okay. Speaking of photo shoots, I actually enjoyed this week's concept--Tyra takes a sexy photo for a women's magazine, guy photographer takes a sexy photo for a men's magazine--and the girls looked awesome, no crazy makeup, costumes, props, or captions. Note to Tyra: More photo shoots like this, please! So while Brittany's was awesome, as usual, and Dionne's was mediocre, as usual, Brittany was no match for her own craziness and had to go. And I must say, after seeing Brittany's wonky runway walk, I agree with that decision. Dionne at least has a bit of sass.

Next week, the dreaded "culture" episode (damn! I thought we were going to avoid it this time!). Plus, poor Natasha has a cold and Renee, ever the conniver, plots her demise. Drama!

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Anonymous said...

I was amazed by the pictures Brittany, Renee and Natasha took at the photoshoot. They were among the best I've ever seen on ANTM. Brittany annoys me to death though and I was not sorry to see her leave.

And I thought the photoshoot on the bridge was cool. The shots that they showed of Jaslene looked fantastic.