It started to trickle out piecemeal last week, but Erin Fetherston's Go International collection for Target is now officially live. And, um, it must be either selling out fast or rolling out slowly, because there's not a lot available online at the moment. Did that awkward extended commercial during last week's The Hills really move that much product? And, moreover, are women still into that dressing-like-preschoolers aesthetic? I'm not huge on the tiered ruffles, flounce hems, or Peter Pan collars, but there are some great standout pieces: I like this cardigan and mini ensemble and, somewhat inexplicably, the bunny dress. I'm going to hit the ol' Target in Salem, Massachusetts this weekend; I'll let you know if I have any success. In the meantime, did anyone else buy anything from the line yet?

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eeps. said...

i've spent over $300 on the erin fetherston collection already! i'm wearing the bunny dress right now; i have the red corduroy jumper w/ bib front; the black coat; the gold shirtdress w/ white peter pan collar; the black ruffled skirt; the black trapeze dress with heart applique; and the black suit jacket with bow and matching skirt.

phew! it's my favorite collection so far and the quality is significantly better than past target collections, in my opinion.