Cheryl Shops Spring Shopping Guide: Cage Boots
It's true that It Bags seem to be dying a slow and painful death, but It Shoes are alive and well. And while everyone was all hot and bothered last season about the Givenchy gladiator shoes, this season, it's all about the Yves Saint Laurent cage boots. They look like a feat of architectural engineering, gorgeous and probably painful. But beauty is pain, right?

These Giuseppe Zanotti cutout ankle booties are nearly perfect. They're low enough that you can wear them with skirts or pants; the heel is not too high; and there's no clunky platform, giving them a lighter, more streamlined shape. The leather is more substantial, with smaller cutouts, so they have more support through the instep. And while they are an investment, this is totally a pair you'll end up wearing all the time.

Being bright pink, these Givenchy booties certainly make a louder fashion statement. That said, there is something feminine about them, from the cross-toe strap to the delicate lacing at the ankle. I also love how the sides look like butterfly wings.

These are the aforementioned YSL cage boots--if you're going to splurge, why not splurge on the exact It Shoe of the season? These are the exact boots from the ad campaign (modeled by the extra-awesome Lara Stone), and they're perfect for wearing with your cropped, pegged YSL pants. Start saving your pennies and strengthening your arches.

These L.A.M.B booties have a similar effect to that of the YSL booties, but they're knotted instead of a grid pattern, I like the buckle at the ankle--it adds an extra bit of badass.

These Marc by Marc Jacobs lace-up booties are interesting because they take a totally sexy concept--the cutout boot--and interpret it through the sweet, quirky retro lens of Marc Jacobs' signature style. I also like that the heel isn't super-high, making it a more practical pick.

These Pelle Moda Kammi booties are the most similar to the YSL booties, without being an exact knockoff. The round quality of the grid reminds me of Spider-Man too--an added bonus!

Every so often, I inevitably get drawn into an Aldo store by a cute shoe in the window, only to run back out, scared by the too-loud music and aggressive salespeople. Thank god for their website, where you can order interesting shoes like the Maune in the serenity of your own home. Bonus points for the comfy wedge heel.

Other than having an awesome, totally appropriate name, these Dolce Vita Cher booties are on sale for 50% off, making them an excellent bargain as well.

If you've ever wanted anyone to ask you "How's the weather up there?" then these Dolce Vita lace-ups should do the trick: They have a 5-inch heel (with a half-inch front platform). Thankfully, the lacing should provide sturdy support for your ankles, preventing you from falling and experiencing "the weather down there."

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