Cheryl Shops Spring Shopping Guide: Studded Bags
My love of studded accessories is showing no signs of letting up, and, thankfully, nor is designers'. For spring, there are countless studded shoes, studded belts, studded bracelets, and, of course, studded handbags. Because I can't wait until Alexander Wang's studded bag comes out this fall, here are some very viable options for the meantime.

The O.G. studded bag is the Garbo by BE&D, which the line has thankfully resurrected for spring. The leather is buttery, the shape is versatile, and you can remove the strap to make a mega-clutch if you're feeling adventurous.

If you're looking for something a little more summery, then this white Miu Miu bag should fit the bill. You can carry it on the crook of your arm, or wear it cross-body--the longer strap should be long enough.

My massage therapist always yells at me for carrying such a large bag, but I rationalize it, because if you can fit everything in one bag, then you don't have to carry multiple bags. This Marc Jacobs tote is so large, I think I could even stop carrying a separate bag for the gym. Which means, in the long run, that I'd be carrying less, right?

I find this Badgley Mischka bag quite intriguing; from far away, it almost looks quilted, but it's not--it has a leather lattice-like effect, with little gold studs whenever the strips of leather meet. It's a little medieval (in a good way), and I think it looks much more expensive than it is.

If you've never thought a linen tote could look rock-and-roll, then I suggest you check out this Rafe bag. The studs and the linen make for an interesting play of textures, and the linen prevents the bag from becoming too heavy.

Several starlets have already been photographed carrying the studded versions of Rebecca Minkoff's Devote and Morning After Bags, and those styles are selling like hotcakes. I actually prefer the more subtle, streamlined look of her Supernova Roadie bag. I think it would look supercool worn across the body, and it would work with both bohemian and rocker-type outfits.

I am often hesitant about carrying metallic bags; they seem like a bit more flash than I am capable of pulling off. However, since this Spiegel bag also has a mixture of gold and silver faceted studs on the side, what's the harm in a little more metallic?

I am pretty sure one of my coworkers has this studded Forever 21 bag; I can attest that it actually does not look cheap in person. This being Forever 21, it's probably a knockoff of a designer bag (which one, I have no idea), but for the price--and if you don't mind faux leather--you really can't beat it.

I haven't been in an Arden B store in years, but I really am impressed with this studded satchel. The shape is somewhat conservative, but the finish is cool, and with the studs only at the ends, it's a little more subtle in its edginess. Sadly, it's PVC, not leather, but for $88, I guess one can't be too picky.

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