Cheryl Shops Spring Shopping Guide: Jumpsuits!
I've saved the best for last in this final post of the spring shopping guide. That's right, I'm talking about jumpsuits! To me, the awesomeness of jumpsuits is a no-brainer: They combine the ease of one-piece dressing with the comfort of pants--in other words, it's like wearing a dress, but more comfy. Jumpsuits are flattering too, especially if you go for one of the more fluid jersey cuts. Of course, the strapless (or halter, or spaghetti-strap) wide-leg styles are a dime a dozen, and while they're sexy for nighttime, you're kind of limited as to where you can wear them. So I picked styles that you can get away with wearing during the day, as well as at night.

This Yves Saint Laurent jumpsuit is so tailored and elegant, it almost doesn't even read as a jumpsuit. I am a little on the fence about the length, however--to me, the pants could be a few inches longer.

This Stella McCartney jumpsuit is genius, because it combines the look of a boyfriend blazer and skinny cropped pants, all in one impeccably tailored piece. If you're going to splurge, I think this would be well worth the price.

The shape of this Zero + Maria Cornejo Artem jumpsuit is a little more traditional, but the fluid, loose fit will flatter a range of body types (Maria Cornejo knows what she's doing when it comes to cut).

This Issa flutter-sleeve jumpsuit reminds me of a 1930s screen siren--I think it's a combination of the flutter sleeves, the knot front, and the very fluid legs. This is one jumpsuit that actually mimics a long dress.

If the voluminous look worries you, this Maje belted jumpsuit should ease your fears. The legs are slim, and the waist sash keeps everything in shape. I also think the price is not at all bad for 100% silk.

This Helmut Lang jumpsuit is very similar to the Maje one above, except there's more coverage in the upper body, making it a better choice for work. It's also black, which is a bit more slimming and formal than tan.

The good news is that jumpsuits are such a popular trend for spring, they're widely available at every price point, and there are even some great buys under $100. This Spiegel twill jumpsuit is more on the casual side, but I think you could come up with some interesting ways to layer it.

This jumpsuit from Target's in-house Go International collection is definitely trendier, with a drapey top and slim legs. It's polyester, and I'm worried it looks like it, but the cut looks flattering, especially for night.

This New York & Company collection jumpsuit reminds me of the Stella McCartney look above--it's very sophisticated and structured, but the neckline keeps it sexy. And if you ask me, it looks a lot more expensive than its $76 price tag.


Daydream Believer said...

Of all the clothes my Barbie had, the yellow jumpsuit with spaghetti straps was my favorite!

Stacy said...

Excellent jumpsuit finds!! Very sophisticated and contemporary design collection.