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If you've been in an NYC taxi anytime recently, you've likely seen snippets of Talk Stoop, an NBC talk show hosted by Cat Greenleaf and filmed on the front stoop of her brownstone, which happens to be on the same block on which I live. (Often when I come home from work, MW tells me who he's seen filming with our neighbor; recent guests have included Joss Stone and Danny Aiello.) A few doors down from Talk Stoop headquarters is the excellent Spangle Jewelry, which in recent months has begun selling T-shirts that say "Look up. Stop texting," which MW and I have adopted as shorthand for when we see a jerk walking down the street, eyes glued to his or her smartphone. It turns out the tees are the brainchild of Greenleaf herself, who's designing them under the handle Lustbklyn. Her mission is simple: Put down your phone, and start living in the now. Look Up Stop Texting = LUST. Get it? (Which, okay, as someone totally addicted to her iPhone, I should.) Prices range from $20 for kids' tees, women's tanks, and phone covers to $30 for men's tees, and you can even go analog and get a notepad for $6. But when it comes to reminding yourself to stop texting and start enjoying life, I think that's a totally reasonable price to pay, don't you?

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