TheFind Guest Post: Fall Wish List: Alexander Wang Convertible Leather Backpack

It's funny how the act of putting a designer's name in front of a "so-so" concept can make the idea or trend suddenly sound vastly more glamorous. For example, a backpack - not that exciting, right? In fact, it sounds rather unappealing.... unless you're really into backpacking in the wilderness or are one of those crazy people who can't wait for school to start up again. Leather backpack - slightly more luxe, but still not all that tempting. I mean, I'd still rather stick to my trusty satchel. But an Alexander Wang leather backpack? Suddenly a highly-covetable must-have. To be fair, even without the boy wonder's high-profile name and design prowess behind it, the bag itself is quite awesome. Smooth, ultra-soft leather, very on-trend drawstring closure, plenty of pockets, convertible straps (so you don't have to use it as a backpack), a hint of rocker-chic flair with exposed zippers and silver hardware, plus it comes in three versatile colors: black, gray, and a cool muted teal. The only problem is that it also comes with a hefty $850 price tag... but hey, that aforementioned designer name doesn't come cheap!

- Alex Gambardella

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