Object of Desire: Diane von Furstenberg Ethyl Dress

Sometimes when I write about certain products here on Cheryl Shops, I wonder if any of you, dear readers, will buy them. I wonder about this, because I totally buy things I see on other blogs! This happens especially with personal style blogs (you know, the ones with gratuitous photos of bloggers wearing supercool, sometimes overstyled outfits); all it takes is a beautiful shot of something and I'm typing in my credit card number faster than you can say blogspot. (Which brings me to the inevitable question, should I be taking photos of myself? This makes me nervous for a number of reasons, but as time goes on, I have a feeling it might be unavoidable.) Case in point: the photo at right of Bee from Atlantic-Pacific sent me straight to DVF.com, where, unfortunately, her Ethyl wrap maxi dress is sold out. (If you like the print, however, I suggest the equally delicious Maximos, coincidentally on sale.) Here's the Ethyl in a different print--it's more dreamy rather than graphic, and I think it perfectly captures that '70s-bohemian-in-Laurel-Canyon moment that's happening in fashion right now. At full price, DVF dresses require a bit of an investment, but think of the robust market for vintage DVF--her designs are so timeless, they never go out of style. Which is more than you can say for much of what personal style bloggers wear (Jeffrey Campbell Lita, I'm looking at you).

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Leah Beamon said...

I saw her post too-and that dress is unbelievable!