In These Shoes: Madewell Whistlestop Sandals

At this time of year, when everything is on clearance, there's really no reason for you to pay full price for a pair of shoes. (Or for anything else, for that matter.) And yet, a coworker of mine had on the most chic, low-key, perfect summer sandals, which she gladly divulged were from Madewell and are apparently so coveted, they don't have to be marked down. They are the Whistlestop sandal, and with a totally manageable 1-1/2" heel, chic buckled design, and soft Italian calfskin straps, I'd venture they're worth the $128 price tag. My coworker claims they're incredibly comfortable, and she ended up wearing them all over Italy, home to some of the most fabulous footwear on the planet. These are the kind of sandals that become instant favorites in one's shoe wardrobe; had I found these two months ago, I would have totally given up on my other summer shoes by now. It may be August, but you can still get a good month's worth of wear from these, and I'd venture that their understated look will stick around for seasons to come. Which means there's a good reason this style isn't on sale: It doesn't have to be.

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Anonymous said...

Wow awesome shoes, they look a lot like the real ones but actually better :) ladies sandals uk