MasstigeWatch: Missoni for Target

Considering Missoni for Target hits stores in just about a month (September 13, to be exact), it's time for a first look at the campaign images! Because I'm Addicted has 'em, and let me just say, that Missoni bike was no pipe dream! And the rugs, the vases, the all looks awesome! I can only hope they have sheets and towels--I've been lusting after the real deal for years now (adding to my list of things I should have registered for...).

I'm expecting full collection images any day now and will post lookbook shots as soon as I have them!


Alison said...

Gah - so excited! I am going to be decorating a new but temporary apartment in Florida of all places, and I think these pieces will be PERFECT to spice up my IKEA basics. Here's hoping my new neighbors don't give a gator's ass about Missoni!

Unknown said...

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